​Takenya the Red-tail Hawk of Mountsberg Conservation area.

Wildlife Education

​​​Mother Nature's Heroes

Please contact Michelle for more information at: michelle@mothernaturesheroes.com

  • find out about rescue sites and sanctuaries devoted to saving animals
  • discover how you can help protect Mother Nature's family
  • hear firsthand what it's like to care for a bird of prey and other species from those who do

Participate in activities designed to engage and educate young minds, evoking interest in all species of wildlife. Activities include:

  • compare your "arm" span to birds of prey
  • what is your paw size?
  • can you hold your breath as long as a whale?
  • who is the fastest animal? who is the slowest?
  • what is your totem animal and what are they trying to tell you?

Our wildlife are disappearing at an alarming rate. Many species are near extinction and more are on their way. Michelle educates children about these threats in a way they understand.  Classes begin at one half hour and price is based on size, location, duration and may be customized.


  • discover thousands of species of our Animal Kingdom
  • learn who is on the IUCN red list 
  • learn about the Big Cats, Birds of prey, Elephants, Primates, Reptiles and other magnificent creatures ​around the world
  • combine storytelling, yoga and wildlife education into one class!