Wildlife sites

Mountsberg Conservation

Wildcat Sanctuary

​Big Cat Rescue

Bill Lea Photography

​Bear with Us Sanctuary and Rehabilitation Centre for Bears

Jaguars into the wild

Polar Bears International

​Wings, Paws, N Claws

Coyote Watch Canada

​Dr. Jane Goodall

Animal Defenders International

​Snow leopard trust

Shark savers

Hope for wildlife


Racing Extinction

​Pedaling against Poaching

"She was so inspired by your storytelling, she just sat quietly for half hour drawing and writing. In the end, she emerged with a 5 page book. She said "It's for Michelle." Here's the title page." -​Margaret Plonka, teacher.

*Please note these wildlife sites are a small selection of the many sites working to save all species. For more please visit my Instagram a/c:

sally_the_snake_2016 for over 300 rescues/wildlife advocates.  

The sites listed here have no affiliation to Mother Nature's Heroes or any involved with Mother Nature's Heroes. 

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments regarding author visits, children's books, yoga classes or wildlife education classes.

For more information on wildlife sites, please send me an email or visit my instagram page @sally_the_snake_2016 to find over 200 animal advocates doing everything they can to end animal abuse. Also, follow Mother Nature's Heroes on facebook​ to connect with like minded individuals.


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"Her vast knowledge of nature and conservation was inspiring -the children she taught all become Mother Nature's Heroes." -Heather Rutkowski, public school teacher.