Summer schedule

Prices vary according to location and class size.

"Not the ones speaking the same language, but the ones sharing the same feelings understand eachother" -Rumi

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What makes us unique

It is our specialty to create magic. While we always have a plan, there is the knowledge that the class may not follow the plan and this is where we adapt.

Children's yoga is not the same as adult yoga. Interactive games, group poses and activities are often part of our class and so is having the ability to change in an instant and create an activity with no props, music or tools. This is how we created the Bubble game​, fact or fiction?, captive life, and more. 

In every class there is a wildlife component. As many poses are known as an animal pose, Michelle expands on this and makes up wildlife adventures during class. 

Now, come take a walk on the wild side!

Enjoy your summer!

Mother Nature's Heroes is currently working on the next installment of our middle grade series Sally the Snake -Search for the Dragon.

We are booked for the rest of the holidays teaching classes. If you wish to schedule any wildlife or kids yoga classes for the new school year, please email here: Contact