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Children's Wildlife Yoga

Yoga -mind, body, spirit. Strengthen the mind-body connection.

  • ​Learn breathing techniques to focus the mind with interactive games
  • ​Participate in non-competitive activities including mantras, learning your "arm" span, "paw" size and who is the fastest animal?
  • ​Learn self-acceptance and boost self-esteem through partner and class poses

Participate in the unique yoga experience of learning about wildlife. From native species to worldwide species, become more connected.

  • Listen to the songs of the Ocean while creating Mandala's, meditating or expressing yourself through movement to music
  • Discover your totem animal through ​           meditation
  • ​Create your own asana through wildlife storytelling
​​​​​Mother Nature's Heroes

Children's yoga benefits the Toddler to Teen. Learning to "be present" by focusing on the breath, and how to  relax and be still enables young people to better handle the stressors and pressures of daily life, now and in the future.

  • ​Improve balance and coordination through asanas, strengthening mental clarity and stability
  • ​Discover how your mind can affect your attitude and the attitudes of others through self-awareness
  • ​Learn about positive energy, listening to your heart and following your instincts