There are 5 top skills needed for childhood literacy. These skills will help lay the groundwork for increased self-esteem, confidence and empowerment.

   *Phonemic awareness (awareness of sounds)

   *Awareness of print



   *Reading comprehension

Each of these skills are essential for your child's development. Literacy can reduce poverty, improve health and promote social development. All this from reading and writing!

Summer Schedule

The importance of literacy

A person's a person, no matter how small...

     -Dr. Suess

Author visits

Prices vary based on location, duration and class theme. Eg: storytelling, writing styles and tips, editing tips, traditional/self-publishing tips...

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​Book signings and Visits


To schedule your Author visit, please use the form on our contact page or click here: Contact.

Meet Michelle at one of her author visits this summer! Only 2 occassions available, as she is working on her next middle grade novel!

​​Local Author fair

When: June 22 10am-2pm

Where: Burlington Central library

Who: All residents wishing to meet the author

Chickadee cafe

When: July 25 @10:30am

Who: All visitors of the cafe. Parents can bring their children and listen to one of Michelle's stories while they enjoy a beverage and snack. A short yoga activity will follow or may be part of the story! Stop by and find out!